Training Organisations 

Organisations such as Toastmasters , Yoga Clubs, Agile Training Groups, Meetups and hundreds of other such organisations can benefit from online collaborative features of the platform to strengthen their value to customers. 

Office Teams – Knowledge Sharing

Still using website/wiki to share knowledge? Break your shackles to productive knowledge sharing by using easily sharable video creation, rich step by step content and amazing collaboration features for this.

Experts – Knowledge Sharing

Create a followership, get a community and get recognised. Promote your own interests along with contributing to community. Monetize advanced content and trainings. Sell your time on subject matter. 

Are you a part of a Toastmasters Club?

Try our app to perform your club activities with ease and Join our growing community of users.


Why Choose Us ?


Schedule your meeting agenda and organise your meetings easily.

Coordinating every single meeting is a herculean task for VP Education. Use our app to ease the pain. Invite people for speaking, evaluation and other slots right from the app. Track progress of each of your member through the pathways of toastmasters and help them reach next level. 


Share and organise relevant materials in one single place

You don’t need complicated web mastering to manage or curate your club’s help material for new and existing members. Don’t just take photos of knowledge sharing and workshops, record them and turn them into organised articles for your club members forever. 


Record and store club speech videos all in one central location

Our app allows easy video recording of the speeches and stores it automatically for future access by Club members


The valuable evaluation points dont get lost when you use our app

Every evaluation ever, always one tap away


Ease of use / convenience

What takes you several days to do, can be done in minutes with our app.

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How can I use this app ?

Training Org & Office Teams

  1. Create a group on our platform
  2. Choose existing topic library for group or create new
  3. Collaborate for learning, use feedback corner, share knowledge using easily sharable videos, audio and text authoring
  4. Coordinate regular meetup (physical or virtual)


  1. Join or form groups
  2. Follow experts, topics and groups to learn on the go
  3. Attend regular meetups physically or virtually
  4. Create or maintain curated or original learning content collaboratively

Subject Matter Expert

  1. Easily create sharable video, audio and text content
  2. Share to different groups and to different topic libraries
  3. Get a followership, likes and audience members
  4. Promote your advanced content and trainings
  5. Sell your time for consultation on the subject matter

Are You Interested?

If you are in Toastmasters and interested in checking out the awesome features we have built, head straight to our app using the below link

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