Learning that is fun

Programming for api, web and data science 

Learn analytics, stats and machine learning 

Learn how to present your ideas well

Self Study (Free)

Learn each concept in right order. Small 10 minute mini lessons help you master topic step by step, do practice exercises to confirm your understanding, and projects to firm up what you know. 

In near future we would be also releasing tools to help any verified expert to create content on our platform. You can then collaborate with people worldwide to create and enhance quality content, github/wikipedia style.

Mini Trainings

Learn from trainings in small group, given by experts in the field. Read the unbiased reviews about trainers to decide among the best.   

We all have seen 12 month courses with 200 videos where 99% of content is not of interest. With mini trainings you get only what you want and need at your stage of expertise. 

Mini Mentorship

You may just want to clarify some concepts, or ask some career growth question. Instead of training, buying small amount of experts time to ask question or clarify doubts anonymously may work better for you. 

Mentorship need not be scary, you could ask question anonymously and let few mentors give different opinions to your question. 

You could also pick up a mentor you feel comfortable with and meet them in cafe or on skype to have casual chat on your questions on career, or technical doubts without being judged. 

Since it is a marketplace, you could also be a mentor for some other topics. 

Coming Soon

Peer Groups

Joy of learning comes not only from courses, but from interacting with and learning from other peers. Others could be presenting knowledge sharing sessions, or you could be giving few of your own. Come join such community of like minded learners. 

You could also form small peer group to learn a skill together or practice it together. This allows you to reduce training cost. It also provides you  team to collaborate with and work together with for projects. 

This feature is coming soon. 


Are you a developer interested in delivering great education app ? Use our simple API to create first class end user apps for learning. Leave all the plumbing and scaling to us. You could deliver a popular educational App on our platform within a day instead of 3 months to our large group of learning customers.

This feature is coming soon. 


If you are interested in learning any of these in demand skills and hobbies, head straight to learning website