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Schedule your meeting agenda and organise your meetings easily.

Our mobile app allows you to create meeting agendas and schedule them easily. Members get to see the latest agenda easily.


Share and organise relevant materials in one single place

All club related materials can be easily stored, organised and shared with others from our app.


Invite and manage appointment holders

The clubs admins can invite and manage appointment holders with ease.


Record and store club speech videos all in one central location

Our app allows easy video recording of the speeches and stores it automatically for future access by Club members


Collect evaluator reviews and feedbacks

The evaluators and members can easily provide reviews and feedbacks through the app


Ease of use / convenience

All the above tasks can be easily performed through our mobile app. No more taking photos during workshops and forgetting them after the meeting. 


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Manage and organise meetings
Manage all your learning material
Record and track all speech videos
Track all your feedbacks and reviews

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