Growing a training business in 2021

Are you senior leader or owner at a corporate training business? As a leader, one thing at top of your mind would be how can I grow my business ?

To grow a business, you already know you have to do these three things well

  1. Better attract customers
  2. Better engage with prospects
  3. Better delight your customers

The main challenge in doing these things better in today’s world is that the world has changed, and in fact it was changing even before the dreaded covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. A lot of work and business has gone digital and small to medium sized businesses struggle in both learning about digital business and secondly in leveraging digital for growing business in today’s world. Like how do you better attract, engage and delight customers in a digital world ?

So if you want to go digital, what does it actually mean at the basic level ?

A Mindset

2020 has arrived and you can’t do business like it is still 90s. E.g. Do you really understand your buyer’s persona ? Do you experiment in your business and learn all the time about newer and better ways to do business? E.g. Are you using inbound marketing and account based marketing ? Are you familiar with jobs to be done theory and are you completely clear about what jobs do people hire your services or products for ? If not, you are leaving a lot on the table in terms potential growth.


Knowing about tools available and what they can do for you business. E.g. If you are a b2b business, then do you know how LinkedIn sales navigator can significantly improve your business ? Do you know how to use it properly ? If not, you are loosing out a significant business. Or do you know how a CRM software could significantly improve productivity of your marketing and sales team ? Do you know how to use it properly ?

Technical Infrastructure

Once you have all this, you still need some tech infrastructure, e.g your own mobile and web application (or a SaaS offering for it, like ours) for use by your customers, tools for automation of repetitive mundane tasks and ability to sell online. On top of such infrastructure then you can optionally even build a data platform and data analytics and machine learning on top. But you don’t have to worry, the adoption of technical infrastructure is not an all or nothing, in fact it is better done incrementally as your business grows. But you must start in right direction, starting with web presence, then web application, then mobile application, then data platform, then analytics and then only machine learning. It is best not to skip a layer.

There is growth at the end of this tunnel !

This all may sound daunting at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you are ready to do business in 2021, 2021 style rather than 1990s style ! And that would help you put pedal on the accelerator of your growth.

If you want to know more, and go into details of how to better attract customers, engage with them and delight them in a digital world, feel free to sign up for our 5 part blog and seminar series starting in November on digital transformation of training business. And what could be better, you can attend it from home ! or Office, wherever you are ! Wait for the announcement and sharing of the link for registration.

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