Transforming Learning and Development in 2021 !

Are you a leader in learning and development in your company ? Then one thing at top of your mind all the time would be “How can I up-skill my employees for better results for whole company?” and maybe along with that “How can I do this economically?”

Have you ever considered leveraging experts in your own company to pull up the beginners and intermediate employees ? In past, this was tough, very tough. Your experts would be located in different office locations, often even across different countries and continents ! Even if they did knowledge sharing, it would be almost impossible to make that discoverableaccessible live and impossible to record and catalog that then for anyone to use in future. But now, you could enable experts and beginners and intermediate level employees across your company easily discover knowledge sharing groups across the office locations, across states and continents, and participate in them live and also discover them through search from nicely cataloged resources !

Or you may have encountered the problem of new employee joining an existing team. The only resource such employees may have for getting up to speed in past would have been blogs or wiki articles. Today, text articles don’t need to be the only way. You existing team members may have done some knowledge sharing sessions, video blogs or audio blogs, and all these form the much more engaging and effective way for new employee to come up to speed with ways of the team much faster than ever before.

Your experts in past would have found it tough to create content and share easily. E.g. Creating video blogs, audio blogs or blogs that were easy to follow (by author), topic etc. In past the company may have had no automation related to creating awareness and conversion of interested professionals in the company for such knowledge sharing. Also, the tools for video and audio blogging may have been quite expensive and time consuming. But, now that is not so. Your experts can within minutes develop video and audio content, and share them with those interested. More easily than even creating written blogs !

In past you may have considered that only learning in development was either on the job or through formal courses, but if you have not leveraged the moden way of knowledge sharing across the enterprise, then you are definitely missing something important in your toolset for upskilling your entire organisation.

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