The secret to successful marketing and sales

Today we live in a digital world where we are all connected via screens. With 67% of a buyer’s journey taking place online, it only makes sense that businesses evolve accordingly.  If your marketing strategy is not evolving as the industry changes, nothing can cause your sales to rise. 

The biggest investment for your training business to thrive is better marketing, so let’s look at how it can be done well in today’s world

How to go digital with sales and marketing?

A simple marketing plan includes-

  1. Identifying your buyer personas
  2. Building credibility and trust
  3. Prospecting to your target market and audience
  4. Courting the buyer through the process
  5. Presenting the product or service that meets their needs
  6. Seal the deal
  7. Delight your customers 

Now we just need to add digital tools and softwares to these steps and we will have a foolproof strategy! 

Step 1 -Identifying your buyer personas 

Building a buyer persona gives us a greater insight into the customer’s psyche, helping us better place our product. Conducting customer interviews are also helpful for better understanding of these personas.

One task is to figure out the job to be done for the buyer persona, what are they concerned about. Also, it is important to differentiate between “buyer” persona and “user” persona, because they may be different.  

The job to be done theory proves helpful here –


Step 2- Building credibility and trust

One of the best ways to build trust and credibility among our buyers today is to use the inbound approach 

Inbound approach or content marketing has also become much easier and faster with content creation tools like WordPressCanva and integrated tools for marketing and creation like Learncool.

Tools like Canva, WordPress and Learncool can help you create content, while Learncool can also help you distribute content to existing customers or prospects easily and automatically. 


Step 3- Marketing/prospecting to your target market and audience 

Once we are aware of the buyer persona and have started building trust it’s time for prospecting and systematically marketing to the prospects.

Tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator let you target the right buyer personas, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach. If you already have your personas ready, you can quickly create sales navigator search filters to literally find the people who match your persona. 

If our business model is B2B (business to business), sales navigator can be used for prospecting and lead generation whereas if it is B2C (business to consumer) linkedin, facebook and google can be used for advertising and marketing.  Learn about B2B and B2C models here 

For sales, you should also consider an online e-commerce option where customers can self serve and purchase your product or service. They could also just show interest and get courted automatically with relevant content to build their awareness. For this you could use Learncool platform for a complete solution or other smaller solutions like Shopify.


Step  4- Escorting and courting the buyer through the process

Stop selling and start courting the buyers in order to get better conversions. Customers are likely to choose someone they trust. Part of trust is built using inbound content. Another aspect is that your first contact with a customer should never be about selling, but about understanding the customer, their business and pain and adding value to them in any way. That could be by being a good listener, advisor to solve problems. This also helps you better position your product to the customer in the next step. 

A customer relationship management software like Hubspot proves really beneficial here, especially if you are doing a lot of marketing and sales ; with features like email sequences & scheduling , multiple deal pipelines, meeting scheduling and lots of others. 

Escorting the buyer effectively through the sales process is a very crucial step of closing the deal.


Step 5- Presenting the product or service that meets their needs

Once the buyer reaches closer to the end of sales funnel, correct placement and presentation of the product or service we offer is a very crucial factor in deciding if they will buy from us. Using tools like Zoom and Learncool for virtual meetings with prospects help us understand them and their psyche. The better aware we are of our prospects , the better we can place our products/ services and the better will be our sales conversion rate!


Step 6- Seal the deal

The last step is to close the deal with the customer while providing them the best user experience and building good professional relationships and rapport with them. Customer relationship management (CRM) softwares like Hubspot help us simplify and accelerate the process and make the customer journey pleasant.


Step 7 – Delight the customer

People who are delighted with actual delivery of your training/coaching would talk about your product positively, giving a lot of word of mouth and online reviews which could drive higher growth for the company. 

In this you can consider using several tools for training such as Zoom and Whatsapp for parts of training or complete training platforms like Learncool.  

This is part 2 of our digital transformation journey focusing upon how to go digital with sales and marketing. In the next parts we will focus on other elements of running a training company. Complete the transformation to see results in real time and become an industry leader.

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