This is what you need to do to make your employees more productive !

Are you spending a lot on e-learning content, but are still not being able to transform that to company ROI? Want your employees to be more productive? We will tell you how you can do that in the simplest way.


Your company is unique and so are your employees. It’s time to upgrade your L&D strategies. It’s time to go from generic to customized. Further in this blog we will explain to you a four part approach to increase your learning ROI while increasing employee productivity.

  1. Generic E- Learning Content-

Almost everyone has generic content access today with udemy, coursera, etc. Generic content is a part of the learning solution. However do your employees still feel confused about how that generic learning could be actually applied in your organisation ? This is where points 2-4 come in handy.

  1. Custom Micro Learning-

Microlearning refers to the delivery of learning content in the form of information nuggets, in standalone modules. People today have much shorter attention spans and everyone likes relevant and crisp information. You need to be able to easily create custom learning that is specific for your company to give you best return on investment. Here an easy to use micro-learning authoring tool would be great.

  1. Internal Knowledge Sharing-

Internal knowledge sharing within a company involves communicating thoughts, ideas or information to another person or team. It’s an effective way for experts and leaders in your company to create more experts and leaders. Internal experts of the company can teach skills, share tips or conduct sessions for other employees. Such practices prove to be highly beneficial because the tutor or the person sharing knowledge is also aware of the company methods and requirements. It is also a very effective tool to increase employee involvement and motivation.

  1.  Agile Collaboration –

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy work environment is by promoting open communication within the company. Regular virtual stand up meetings provide a space for building strong professional relations and making sure the employees feel heard. Collaboration among the employees & management and also among employees increases accountability and innovative thinking while providing a platform for employee growth and increasing productivity at work.


Most of us already have generic-Elearning content but for better a ROI a customized solution is needed. There are multiple tools and platforms available for this, however there are very few integrated tools like Learncool which provide you a completely customizable company specific solution.

Learncool provides the following features to ensure effective and easy execution of the customized L&D strategies.

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