Why choose us for knowledge sharing ?

Are you still using old and cumbersome methods like wiki pages, chats and texts for Knowledge Sharing? What if we tell you Learncool can cater to all your employee learning & knowledge sharing needs while also making it much more fun, engaging and effective using videos, communities and other interesting features.

We make your workforce ready for the future in the most efficient way!

Features Summary


What do we offer ?



We at Learncool provide multiple features for all your employee training and knowledge sharing needs. We provide you the platform to –

  1. Create Knowledge Sharing Communities
  2. Knowledge Share with Videos
  3. Create Catalogued, Structured & Searchable Content
  4. Knowledge Share Across Locations


Let’s get into details! 

Create Knowledge Sharing Communities

  • Virtual community – With Learncool you get the opportunity to build a virtual community of your employees. It allows you to set up regular meetups for knowledge sharing. These communities can be used for internal knowledge sharing, collaborations, and even to practice together. You can create schedules, agendas or wall posts.

Knowledge Share with Videos

We provide ways to do both live video knowledge sharing and recorded video knowledge sharing with one click. Live video based knowledge sharing and training We offer you a video conferencing feature (similar to Zoom) with options for notes, poll, feedback, screen sharing, screen recording, lobby, password, raise hand, clap and chat. You can use it to conduct Knowledge Sharing sessions and meetings. Recorded video based knowledge sharing We help you create and share videos with one click. Videos like screen recording videos, blogging video and recorded interview videos and finally webinar videos, all of which can be saved and shared easily in groups and communities.

Catalogued, Structured & Searchable Content

Leancool lets you create content modules which you can add easily to the content and video library for sharing and future use. The content can be easily categorised and catalogues for better searchability. Employees can also easily search and discover live Knowledge Sharing events happening across the company.

Knowledge Share Across Locations

No physical barriers – With us, learning is mobile, remote and accessible across different locations. Learncool is available across smartphones and web alike, diminishing the need for high tech devices and it’s simple and user friendly interface can be used even by tech amateurs. Employees across various branches can do knowledge sharing, training and even meetings or conferences from the comfort of their space. They can also follow experts of the company and join communities to keep up with new advancements.