Why choose us for training ?

Are you wasting time and money using too many apps for your training business? What if we tell you that there is an all in one integrated solution providing all the services training companies need; saving you time, money and effort while simultaneously helping you grow your business!



                                  Features Summary

                           What do we offer ?

    We at Learncool provide multiple features for all your training, marketing and sales needs. We provide you the              platform to –

  1. Sell and Organize Live Trainings 
  2. Do Marketing and Video/Audio Blogging easily
  3. Create and sell video courses/content 
  4. Create communities and collaborate

  Let’s get into details!

     1.  Sell and organize live trainings-

  • Training Groups – Unlike video conferencing tools, you create training groups that stay around even after a particular meeting. You can create multiple training groups on the app. Each training group has a unique page and meeting link, wall & chat groups. You can save recorded sessions for future reference and also schedule meetings/trainings with your group beforehand. 

  • Video Conferencing- We also offer you a video conferencing feature (similar to Zoom) with options for notes, poll, feedback, screen sharing, screen recording, lobby, password, raise hand, clap and chat. You can use it to conduct trainings or meetings. 
  • Online Sales – With us you get a customized online sales funnel for your company (similar to shopify) wherein users can simply self purchase your live trainings/video courses.

2. Marketing and blogging

  • Create video/audio blogs easily- We help you easily create and distribute audio, video and written blogs to students and prospects. You can share your content with your own training groups and followers on the platform. 
  •  Marketing made easy– We provide automation of prospect drip marketing and content marketing via email and push notification updates to users/prospects (similar to mailchimp)

       3. Creating and selling video courses/content

  • Create content– We also provide you the option to create screen sharing videos, video recordings, webinars and conduct interviews. These are easy to create and equally easy to share, save and distribute. Use them for marketing across various mediums, awareness and even for future reference. 
  • E-learning– By using our features you can also create E-learning courses and a video library for all your students/members and use our custom made sales funnel to sell them.

       4. Community creation and collaboration

  • Virtual community-  With Learncool you get the opportunity to build a virtual community of your students/clients/ex students/employees or whoever you choose to add. These communities can be used for collaborations, cross selling, upselling and even to practice together. You can create schedules, agendas or wall posts. Users can even choose to follow you via the experts tab and request to join your community.